How to shape eyebrows with tweezers

How to shape eyebrows with tweezers?

There is a famous saying “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”. It is the facial features which seems attracting to beholder at first contact. Facial features have a significant role in beauty of a person and one of the keen reasons that people are very possessive about their facial features and wanted to present them in their best manner. One of the facial features which needs special attention is eyebrows which not only shapes the eyes but also add beauty to the face. It is one of the most talked features now and has gained a lot of attention. Women are very possessive about their eyebrows and wanted to know different techniques on how to make eyebrows “fleeky” and attractive.
If you are fed up with spending your fortune to shape getting your eyebrows done by someone else then it is the time to change the direction of things. At the end of this article, you will have complete knowledge of shaping eyebrows with tweezers and all you have to do is practice. It won’t take you long to have complete grip on shaping your eyebrows by your own with tweezers. It will not save you bucks but also let you to craft your eyebrows according to your own satisfaction. So, before starting, we need to know about products required for shaping the eyebrows. All you need is a pair of tweezers, mirror, and aloe Vera gel and you are all good to go.

Before starting the five simple steps of shaping the eyebrows perfect, it is necessary for you to understand the shape and size of your eyebrows. You also have to consider what type of eyebrows do you want to have? Though this won’t affect the first two steps of shaping eyebrows, it would affect the thickness of eyebrows and also the amount of hairs you need to tweeze for making your eyebrows perfect. If you have a smaller forehead, you have to tweeze more from the top in order to create more gap between top of forehead and top of eyebrow. It will balance the proportions. While on the other end, if you have a larger forehead then you have to keep as much hairs as possible to have strong eyebrows which not only makes your eyes look higher but also create the balance. Once you are done with considering the shape and size, all you have to do is to follow these five simple steps.

Find your starting point: Everyone has different eyebrows with different starting and end points. All you have to do is to identify starting point of your eyebrows. For making your eyebrows look natural and enticing, you have to start from the specific point which in line with your nose. In order to know your starting point, flip your tweezers upside down and hold them to the face. Tweezers should sit along outside of the nose and eye. The eyebrows starting point is in line with the outside edge of the nose. Mark your starting point on your face so that you don’t lose the place. After checking first side, you need to check the other side as it is necessary that both sides are aligned.

Find your ending point: Once you are done with the starting point, the next step involved is to find the ending point. Ending point is not just about how far you want your eyebrows to sit but it is also requires aligning. For finding the ending point, use your tweezers for having the straight edge. Place them again to your start point and then pivot the top around eye while keeping the point of tweezers by nose. You have to keep going until tweezers reach at the outside corner of the eye in the straight line. After that, mark your ending point where eyebrows ended. Repeat the same step for the other side and consider keeping ending points at same height for both eyes. For making the marks, eyeliner is a good and can help you in marking. Once you are done with these two major steps, you can now start plucking extra hairs which don’t lies in between ending and starting point. For deciding the eyebrow thickness, follow the next step.

Decide eyebrow thickness: At this point, you have to decide the thickness of your eyebrows. Consider the shape of your face and the color of eyebrows. If you have fairer eyebrows, you should opt for thicker eyebrows as they are difficult to see when thinner. We would advise you to avoid thickness of more than half an inch as it is not only easier to manage but also looks natural. Along the bottom of the eyebrow, draw a line with the eyeliner between starting and ending point and have a natural curve. Making on the natural curve will not only make it easier to avoid extra plucking. After drawing the line, you can have all that removed which have beds below that line. The next involved is shaping the arch which is as follows:

Shape the arch: After getting the right thickness, it is time now to shape the arch of the eyebrow which means plucking above the eyebrow pencil line but to a specific point to make the arch. For making the arch, put the tweezers in the middle of the eye and mark the center point of the eyebrow. The arch will start to the outer side of the point and it will not stretch too far. The aim behind this is to make the tail to the end. It is the last step of shaping eyebrows with tweezers. At this point, people tweeze too much which makes the tail of the eyebrow too narrow. We would advise you to start slowly and stop with every bit in order to have your perfect eyebrows. Now, you are done with your eyebrows and we suggest you to use Aloe Vera to calm the redness.

These are basic four steps by which you can have eyebrows with your own perfection. Just follow these basic simple steps and get rid of expensive appointments. 

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