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Dramatic Flutter Individual Eyelash Clusters

Dramatic Flutter Individual Eyelash Clusters

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Upgrade your beauty game with the Ultra Thick Individual Eyelash Cluster Eyelashes from Beautizone. These falsies are a must-have addition to your makeup routine, providing you with a dramatic, yet natural-looking lash line that will make heads turn.

Crafted with the highest quality materials, these lashes are feather-light and long-lasting, ensuring that you can flutter your lashes all day and night. With 60 individual points per pack, you have the freedom to mix and match to create your desired length and volume. The mix tray includes short (8mm), medium (10mm), and long (12mm) lashes, allowing you to customize your look to perfection.

The application process is a breeze - simply separate your natural lashes with a lightweight mascara, dab on a pinhead of glue, and position the false lashes at the root of your natural ones. The result? A flawless lash line that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

Cleaning these lashes is a breeze too! All you need is a little gentle cleanser, some combing, and a good drying technique. Wash them with lukewarm water and avoid cotton pads or wipes. These lashes are designed to withstand multiple uses, so you can enjoy them time and time again.

When it's time to remove them, simply apply eyelash remover until the lash glue dissolves and the lashes are safely removed. No more tugging or pulling, just a hassle-free removal process.

Enhance your natural beauty and elevate your makeup game with the Ultra Thick Individual Eyelash Cluster Eyelashes from Beautizone. Order yours today and get ready to bat those lashes like a pro!

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