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Neicha Cleanser for Individual Eyelash Extensions 15g

Neicha Cleanser for Individual Eyelash Extensions 15g

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Brand: Neicha

Color: Clear


  • Deep Lash Cleanser For Eyelash Extensions
  • Removes oily, stubborn grease from natural eyelashes
  • Using lash cleanser will prolong bonding life of extension lashes
  • Apply before eyelash extensions procedure
  • Size - 15g

Part Number: NEI_CLEAN15

Details: Professional Eyelash Extensions – Quality Beauty Store. Neicha Premium Cleanser is especially formulated to remove oily grease, dirt and makeup residue from the natural lashes. Use Neicha cleanser before the eyelash extensions procedure to prolong the retention period of the extensions. Neicha Cleanser Features Type – Liquid Size – 15g Colour - Clear Oil Free How to apply this product? 1. Apply a small amount using micro brushes. 2. Work through lashes and wipe eyelid until all dirt and debris are cleansed away. 3. Rinse with fresh water until all product is removed. Check the full range of eyelash extension products and accessories from QBS. We offer eyelash extension glues, removers, primers, mink and silk lashes as well as the starter kits for students. This product is designed for professional use. Same day dispatch if the order is placed before 15.00 o’clock.

EAN: 9145284843538

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