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Nad's Facial Wax Wand Eyebrow Shaper, Eyebrow Wax Kit, Face Wax, Hypoallergenic, No-heat Formula, Includes Wax Pen 6g, 10 Reusable Cotton Strips, 4 Pre-wax Wipes

Nad's Facial Wax Wand Eyebrow Shaper, Eyebrow Wax Kit, Face Wax, Hypoallergenic, No-heat Formula, Includes Wax Pen 6g, 10 Reusable Cotton Strips, 4 Pre-wax Wipes

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Brand: Nad's

Color: All Skin Types


  • Quick and easy hair removal kit suitable for all delicate facial areas including Eyebrows, Face, Chin and Upper Lip; Nad's Wax Wand is PETA certified for cruelty free waxing.
  • The ideal eyebrow waxing kit for shaping and sculpting salon quality eyebrows in the convenience of your own home.
  • Read Instructions carefully before use and always do a patch test 24 hours before use.
  • Includes 10 Re-usable, washable 100% cotton strips, 1x Wax Wand and 4x pre-wax cleansing wipes.
  • The original Nad's gel wax formula requires no heating and easily washes away with water for full control & confidence; The unique SlimTip precision applicator makes it easy to shape beautiful brows.

Binding: Personal Care

Release Date: 01-05-2013

model number: 0677EN06

Part Number: 0677EN06

Details: Directions Thoroughly clean your eyebrow using Nad's Cleansing Wipes.Remove wand cap and twist the end until gel appears at wand tip. When first used, this may take up to 20 twists.To ensure the Gel melts with your body heat slowly and firmly apply a thin layer of Gel in the direction of hair growth (hair growth should be at least 3mm long). Only apply the gel over the hair you wish to remove. Any excess will wash away with water.Immediately place backing strip over the gel and firmly smooth over with your fingertips in the direction of hair growth. Holding skin taut, quickly pull strip off in opposite direction of hair growth. Remember to hold skin taut with one hand and to pull close to the skin rather than up into the air. Product Description Simple and effective pencil like applicator to use on eye brows, chin, and upper lip. Nads Facial Wand contains the original Nads Natural Hair Removal Gel, which requires no heating and easily washes away with water. 3 Easy Steps for beautiful Eyebrows. In 1992, Australian Sue Ismiel developed the world famous NAD'S Natural hair removal gel for Her daughters sensitive skin. The unique natural formula, which melts with your body temperature, has remained unchanged to this day Ingredients Sucrose, Aqua (Water), Phoenix dactylifera (Date) fruit extract, Mel (Honey), Acetum (Vinegar), Citrus limon (Lemon) juice, Citric acid, CI 19140 (Yellow 5), CI 42090 (Blue 1). Safety Warning DO NOT MICROWAVE PRECISION EYEBROW WAX WAND. Waxing may not be suitable for the elderly or diabetics. Do not use if taking oral retinoids or using topical retin A. Do not use if you are having any dermatological treatment such as facial/skin peels, dermabrasion or laser resurfacing. Do not use on sunburnt, dry, flaky, broken or irritated skin, over warts, pimples, moles, wounds or varicose veins or if you have suffered any adverse reaction to waxes in the past. Do not use on nipple, scalp, perineal or genital areas. FOLLOWING THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE, FIRST TEST THIS PRODUCT ON A SMALL PATCH OF SKIN IN THE AREA YOU WISH TO TREAT. IF AFTER 24 HOURS THERE IS NO ADVESRSE REACTION PROCEED WITH FULL APPLICATION. Do not use directly after a shower. Wait at least 15 minutes, when skin is dry and moisture-free. After use always wait 24 hours before using antiperspirant, perfume, after-shave or astringent lotion on the treated area. If you experience discomfort, a burning sensation or bruising, apply a cold compress to the skin. If irritation persists for over 24 hours, seek medical advice. Gel may become ineffective if it comes in contact with water. DO NOT store in the bathroom. Store in a dry, moisture-free environment and away from direct sunlight. PRECAUTIONS FOR WIPES: Conduct a test patch on a small patch of skin in the area you wish to treat. If after 24 hours there is no adverse reaction proceed with full application. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs rinse with water. If irritation persists seek medical advice. For external use only. Box Contains Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow ShaperPre-Wax Cleansing Wipes

EAN: 0638995000578

Package Dimensions: 5.7 x 2.8 x 1.3 inches

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