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Glob Mops

Glob Mops BENDABLE XL Cotton Swabs (2-Pack, 600 Total Cotton Buds)

Glob Mops BENDABLE XL Cotton Swabs (2-Pack, 600 Total Cotton Buds)

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Brand: Glob Mops


  • Bendable sticks to reach hard to clean tight spots

model number: GM-2PK-B

Part Number: GM-2PK-B

Details: new glob mop XL Bendables have paper sticks that are easily bendable for those tight spots. The Glob Mops XL 2.0 BENDABLE Cotton Mops have three times more cotton than the oinal v2 mops, and they have extra loose cotton for better absorption. The creator of Glob Mops also added an extra 100 mops to the count. There is a total of 300 mops instead of 200 now. With more cotton than the leading brand, Glob Mops BENDABLE XL 2.0 is the best swab in the game, keeping your nails fresh to death. Design The creator of Glob Mops started using regular cotton swabs and decided he needed something better for his personal use. He tweaked the design of the regular cotton swab to have wooden sticks for more durability and made one end pointed for those hard-to-get corners. The glob mops work wonders for keeping your nails fresh for every rip. Dual Tips Glob Mops have 2 tips with different shapes. At one end of the bamboo stick is a pointed cotton edge cleaner; at the other end is a bubble cotton swab end. For Nails and Bangers Use Glob Mops BENDABLE XL 2.0 swabs to keep your quartz nails and bangers clean after each use. Nails and bangers can show oil residue and oxidation after just one use. Made with 100% pure cotton, these bamboo cotton mops prevent oxidation and torching and are specifically designed for easy use. They reach difficult areas and absorb excess oil after a session. Easy to Carry This pack conveniently includes 300 swabs and come in an intuitive plastic travel case, easy to carry around in luggage, bags, cases or other travel cases. Bundle Includes: 2 x Glob Mops BENDABLE XL 2.0 Cotton Mops (300 Pieces)

EAN: 0305279508494

Package Dimensions: 9.6 x 6.2 x 4.0 inches

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