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The Essy Premium Electric Foot File Callus Remover with 5 Replaceable Rollers

The Essy Premium Electric Foot File Callus Remover with 5 Replaceable Rollers

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  • Efficient Foot Care: Get silky smooth feet effortlessly and effectively with the Essy Premium Electric Foot File Callus Remover. It comes with 3 types of chargeable rollers to cater to your needs: fine roller for thin layers of dead skin, regular roller for thicker layers, and coarse roller for cracked heels and tough calluses.
  • Easy Operation: The Essy Premium Electronic Foot File is operated with a single button, making it easy and efficient to use. Simply turn on the device, change the grinding speed from 1 to 2, and turn it off by pressing the operation button. It's your easy-to-use foot exfoliator and foot files for hard skin, perfect for use at home or away.
  • User-Oriented Features: This gentle callus remover is designed with user-oriented features, such as 2 adjustable grinding speeds, a light to illuminate hard-to-reach places, a convenient USB charging port, and an LED display screen. It's also water-resistant, making it easy to clean. Complete Set: Our electrical dead skin exfoliator comes with all the accessories you need, including the device, head cover, 3 types of grinding heads, USB charging cable, cleaning brush, and user manual. We also include 2 additional replacement rollers, saving you time and money.
  • Safe Technology: The Essy Premium Electric Foot File Callus Remover has a "Pressure Lock" technology that automatically stops the device if too much force is applied. This ensures a safe and pleasant foot care procedure. Remember not to push the device into your skin and let it work its magic.

Revamped product description for Essy Premium Electronic Foot File:

Are you tired of rough and dry feet? The Essy Premium Electronic Foot File can help you achieve the silky, smooth feet you desire with just one device! The foot file comes with three types of changeable rollers to suit your needs. The fine roller is perfect for daily foot care, while the medium roller is designed to treat rough, dry skin. The coarse roller can remove tough calluses, parched skin, and corn. Made from sand, this foot file and callus remover can give you visibly elegant skin that is smooth to the touch.

Attach or remove the rollers easily by pressing the button located on the side of the device. You will also receive two additional replacement rollers, one fine, and one medium, so you won't need to worry about reordering replacements.

The Essy Premium Electronic Foot File features user-oriented accessories that enable you to adapt the procedure to your needs. You can choose from two-speed options, 1800 spins per minute and 2400 spins per minute, and change the rollers (fine, medium, and coarse) to suit your specific needs. The foot file is also safe to use, thanks to the pressure lock technology that ensures your safety by stopping the device if too much force is applied.

The device is water resistant and can withstand being rinsed under water while cleaning. The ergonomic design features a convenient handle, illuminating light, and an LED screen that displays the battery level.

Using the Essy Premium Electronic Foot File is simple. Start by cleaning your feet, then slide the electric hard skin exfoliator onto your feet until you achieve the desired results. You can use this heel scraper on wet or dry skin. Finally, apply moisturizer to your feet.

Included in the package are three rollers (coarse, medium, and fine), two additional replacement rollers (medium and fine), a protective cover, USB charging cable, a brush, and a user manual. Before using the device, please carefully read the instructions and safety warnings.


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