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The Ultimate Lash Pro Kit: Complete Eyelash Fan Set

The Ultimate Lash Pro Kit: Complete Eyelash Fan Set

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Transform your lash game with the Aussido 159 PCS Eyelash Fan Set! This all-inclusive set is your ticket to flawless and effortless eyelash extensions, wherever you go.

The star of the show is the palm-sized lash dryer fan, a true game-changer. With its built-in battery and USB rechargeable feature, it's the perfect companion for on-the-go touch-ups. But that's not all - the fan also features a sponge in the back that can be soaked in water for a refreshing cool breeze. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and let the soothing aroma help you relax while you work your magic.

Keeping your lashes clean is essential for long-lasting extensions, and the Aussido set has you covered. The lash shampoo brushes are gentle yet effective in breaking up oils and makeup residue left on your lashes. Not only will your lashes be clean and refreshed, but these brushes can also be used for deep pore cleaning on your face, nose, and any cosmetic residue.

Measuring and controlling your cleaning solutions, makeup remover, or moisturizing water is a breeze with the plastic wash bottle. The visible digital scale and bent nose make it easy to get the perfect amount every time.

Working with lashes requires precision, and the Aussido set provides you with two different styles of tweezers made of sturdy stainless steel. These tweezers make isolating and picking up lashes a breeze, ensuring a seamless application every time.

To complete this incredible set, you'll also receive 50 high-quality disposable eyelash crystal mascara wands and 100 micro applicator brushes. These are perfect for makeup application, eyelash extension grafting or removal, and even nail art.

Elevate your lash game to new heights with the Aussido 159 PCS Eyelash Fan Set. Order now and experience the ultimate in professional-grade eyelash extensions. Your flawless lashes await!

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