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Marble Elegance: 24-Piece Empty Eyelashes Storage Box

Marble Elegance: 24-Piece Empty Eyelashes Storage Box

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Introducing our elegant and practical 24 Pieces Empty Eyelashes Packaging Paper Eyelash Box! Designed with a stunning marble pattern, these eyelash storage boxes are the perfect addition to your everyday beauty routine.

Each package includes 24 empty false eyelash boxes, allowing you to effortlessly replace and organize your collection. With a transparent window design, you can easily view and manage your eyelashes, making it convenient to find the perfect pair for any occasion.

Crafted from high-quality cardboard and featuring a plastic window, these boxes provide reliable protection for your false eyelashes. Measuring approximately 111.5 x 53.5 x 15.5 mm, they are the ideal size to keep your lashes safe and secure.

Say goodbye to crushed or damaged lashes! Our eyelash holder cases ensure that your false eyelashes remain in pristine condition, while also keeping them organized. The locking design prevents your lashes from falling out, saving you space and ensuring a clutter-free beauty routine.

Not only are these boxes functional, but they are also incredibly easy to open and close. Say goodbye to wasting time searching for the perfect pair of lashes – with our eyelash boxes, you can quickly and effortlessly find the lashes you desire.

Perfect for dressers, beauty salons, or personal use, these eyelash storage boxes are a must-have accessory for any lash lover. Whether you're a professional makeup artist or simply enjoy enhancing your natural beauty, our eyelash boxes are the ultimate solution for keeping your lashes safe, organized, and ready to go.

Invest in the best for your lashes – choose our 24 Pieces Empty Eyelashes Packaging Paper Eyelash Box and experience the convenience and elegance of a well-organized lash collection.

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