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2023 New Anti-Shedding Hair Spray, Natural Herbal Hair Growth Essence Spray, Anti Shedding Hair Solution (1pcs)

2023 New Anti-Shedding Hair Spray, Natural Herbal Hair Growth Essence Spray, Anti Shedding Hair Solution (1pcs)

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Brand: Pisheng

Color: 1pcs


  • 【Anti-Shedding Hair Spray】Helps Promote Hair Growth for Men and Women, Anti Shedding Hair Solution help Strengthen the Structures Surrounding Hair Follicles and Promotes Hair Pigmentation, Hair Essential Oils Makes Your Hair Appear Fuller, Darker, and Shinier.
  • 【Contribute to restoring the balance of the scalp】Anti-Shedding Hair Spray helps clear the scalp, restoring a healthier environment for your hair follicles to thrive, stimulates hair follicles, promoting increased blood circulation and revitalizing dormant follicles, This stimulation encourages the growth of new, stronger hair strands.
  • 【Make Hair Healthier】Promotes the Healthy Development of Hair and Scalp, Resulting in Thicker and Healthier Hair, It Also Helps to Balance the Oily Scalp, Increasing Hair Volume As It Restores Nutrients to Hair Follicles, Natural Herbal Hair Growth Essence Spray Reduce Further Hair Loss and Breakage.
  • 【Strong and Fragile Hair】Hair Growth Formula Serum Spray Protects and nourishes hair and reduces further hair loss and broken hair, Hairgrowth Spray rejuvenates the scalp and hair follicles and promotes new thick hair growth.
  • 【Applicable Hair Types】Hair Growth Formula Serum Spray is great for all hair types, including dry, damaged, curly, straight, or frizzy hair, Say goodbye to dry, frizzy, and dull hair, and hello to thicker, stronger, and healthier hair.

Details: Features: ✓ Nourish the Scalp, Prevent Shedding, and Treat Baldness ✓ Help Nourish Hair from Root to Tip ✓ Help Stimulate Hair Growth, Thickening, and Lengthening ✓ Restore Vitality For Thicker, Denser-Looking Hair ✓ Reduce Dry, Frizzy Hair, and Repairs Split Ends ✓ Help Thicken Hair, Avoid Tangles, and Smooth ✓ Visibly Decreases White & Gray Hair Density ✓ Promotes Stronger, Healthier Hair How to Use: 1. Shake well before using 2. Spray an appropriate amount on the roots (scalp) & dry, damaged hair 3. Use your hands to gently massage the scalp for 1-2 minutes for the oil to penetrate 4. Use every night before going to bed or after washing hair 80% dry and then spray on 5. Use twice a day, morning and evening Specifications: Product Name: Anti-Shedding Hair Spray Net content: 100ml/pcs Shelf life: 3years Efficacy: Moisturizing nutrition, strong hair, anti-hair loss, hair growth Package Includes: 1/2pcs * Anti-Shedding Hair Spray

EAN: 0747302222432

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