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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles With Semi-Permanent Makeup Removal

The materials used in semi-permanent make-up and micropigmentation
are becoming more resistant in their combinations of pigment. Some of
these materials are inorganic and organic combinations, which are harder
to remove. There is a growing demand in the industry for quick and safe
removal when things go wrong or a patient decides they no longer want
this look.

For the most effective removal or correction, we must use the right laser
source to eliminate ink particles in the epidermis and the deeper layers of
the dermis. We need to use a combination of medical-class wavelengths
to have full removal of every variety of ink. I combine three wavelengths to
meet each patient's needs: QS 1064nm, 532nm, and 694nm.
Many clinicians complain of colour change in pigment once a laser has
been used. This is due to oxidation of the material in the upper epidermis,
which we expect. Once this happens we then re-treat the area with one of
the three wavelengths to fade the oxidised ink.

The other benefits of this technique include reduction of scarring in the
area and stimulation of tissue remodeling so the customer has a healthy
skin surface for new application of micropigmentation in just three months

Results are quick, can be applied to all areas of the body and the
treatment takes five to 15 minutes. Patients feel very little pain as cryo
cooling is used prior to and during the laser removal. The most important
factor is having a class 4 medical laser device and the correct personal to do the removal.