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Things You Should Know About The Brand New Eylure Magnetic Lashes

Vadim Vinogradov

The Eylure Magnetic Lashes Baroque Corner is a criss-crossed corner lash that looks like real mink. Its tiny kick out on the edge gives it a sultry yet subtle look. These lashes are made without testing on animals, making them a cruelty-free brand. You can even buy these magnetic lashes without knowing about their origins.

Eylure Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes by Eylure are a revolutionary new way to apply false eyelashes. Thanks to the latest innovation, ProMagnetic eyeliner, magnetic lashes can be applied easily and without the hassle of glue. And, you can even use them on your waterline. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this revolutionary new product now! Read on to learn more! Then, get on with your look!

Unlike regular lash extensions, magnetic lashes stay in place all day. Magnetic lashes stay in place even when you move and wear heavy makeup. I tried out the magnetic lash system, and I must say that I was impressed! The magnetic lashes have a great look with a good liner, and they're great for hooded and almond-shaped eyes. I found that the lashes stayed in place well, and there was no lifting on the edges and center of the strip. Plus, there was no feeling of a heavy lash. And I could use them again.

This product is a great option for those who want to look like a princess, without the fuss. The magnetic lash is made of two parts: an upper section that's held by either edge, and a lower section that's laid over your natural lashes. The upper section of the magnetic lash contains magnets on its back; hold it tightly with your thumb, and then pick up the lower section with the applicator. Simply click the first magnet in place, then move on to the second one and so on until the lash is secure.


While many lash companies focus on a specific area of makeup, Glamnetic focuses on magnetic eyelashes. While the company also makes fake nails and other accessories, they offer an assortment of magnetic eyelashes at reasonable prices. Their co-founder, Ann McFerran, studied to become a physician but realized that she was missing her creativity. She started Glamnetic to fill this gap and help women everywhere look their best.

The magnetic lashes by Eylure require three coats of eyeliner to adhere to the lash band. However, the application process is very easy, and the magnetic eyeliner comes with a subpar eyeliner. Nevertheless, the magnetic lashes give the wearer dramatic volume and depth. However, there is a learning curve with the magnetic eyeliner, so it's important to experiment with the product first.

Magnetic lashes come in various colors and styles, and you can choose the one that suits your needs and looks best. They are easy to apply, reusable, and cruelty-free. Whether you're looking to add extra volume to your lashes or accentuate your eyes, these lashes are an ideal option. There are no glues or messy adhesives. Once they're on, they last up to 60 wears.

Monolid Glam

The Eylure Magnetic Lash Monolid Gel is a great option for those with hooded lids and monolids. It comes with three sets of glam lashes that you can use separately or combine to create a stunning wide-eyed effect. A magnetic eyeliner is also included with this product. It also has a convenient remover swab.

The gel-based formula is easy to apply, and the patented offset band gives your lashes added volume. The formula gives your lashes a double-up look without over-extending individual hairs. These lashes are great for those with sparse lash lines. Eylure Magnetic Lash Monolid Glam gels also make application a breeze. You'll look and feel amazing!

The magnetic lashes work beautifully with a good liner and work well on most eye shapes. I tested these with my almond-shaped eyes and hooded lids and they were great! They wore beautifully with no lifting at the edges or middle of the strip, and I didn't feel heavy at all. And they're great for multiple uses, as they can be reapplied if you want.

Rebecca Norris

The following article outlines the ways to wear eylure magnetic lashes and how to apply them. Byrdie beauty editor Rebecca Norris has been testing magnetic eyelashes for more than three years. She has chosen her favorite brands after carefully reading reviews and evaluating the materials and application process. The result is a list of tips and tricks for wearing magnetic eyelashes that are sure to make your eyes look stunning.

Using a good liner is a must. Magnetic lashes look great with an excellent liner, making them a good option for hooded or almond-shaped eyes. The magnetic lashes last well, with no lifting along the outer edges and middle strip. They are comfortable to wear and can be reused several times. Rebecca Norris uses eylure magnetic lashes to enhance her eye makeup.

6,000-plus 5-star reviews on Amazon

The best magnetic lashes are inexpensive and come in a variety of styles. The eylure magnetic lashes have over 6,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, and with good reason. They are waterproof and stay put thanks to a magnetic liquid liner. They are also reusable. You can use them for 30 days before you need to replace them. Here are the top five magnetic lash brands on Amazon.

The magnetic lashes come in a kit of five lashes and have a curved band. These are applied using a sandwich technique, meaning that the magnets snap together as you apply the lashes. They can be applied easily, but you will want to apply eyeliner before applying these lashes. Make sure you distribute them evenly across the lash line and use a brush to apply them.


Magnetic lashes are a great alternative to mascara because they don't require messy glue and can easily be removed. You can use a cotton bud to clean the magnet and reapply if needed. Once applied, you can clean the magnet with micellar water or with an eyelash wand. Magnetic lashes should be kept in a case to avoid getting tangled.

These lashes are available in different styles. The Ruby Quartz style provides extra lift, length, and volume. It is wind resistant up to 75mph and has a subtle kick-out edge. For a dramatic lash look, opt for the Ardell Magnetic Lashes. The magnetic lashes come with a handy carrying case and applicator tool to help you get a beautiful, natural-looking lash look.

Magnetic lashes come with a top lash and a bottom lash. To apply them, you line up the top magnetic lash with your natural lash line. Next, line up the bottom lash underneath the top magnetic lash. When applied correctly, the lashes are magnetically held together. The magnetic strips are not tacky and do not damage natural lashes. Magnetic lashes are a great option for beginners and are quick to apply.

How to use

The magnetic lash comes with two sections, the upper and lower, that you hold with your thumb or forefinger. Hold the upper section and gently slide the lower section to your lash line. The magnets on the bottom of the lash band will connect with your natural lashes to form an instant set of falsies. If you need help applying your lashes, you can use a cotton bud to clean the magnets. Once they are clean, put the lash case back into the magnet.

The magnetic lash system does require 3 coats of liner. The second coat of liner will give you a fuller line. If you apply the third coat, you will be able to see your lashes more clearly. Then, simply press the magnetic lash onto the upper lash line and follow the steps on the magnetic lash guide to apply the eyeliner. After applying the lashes, you will see the full, curled lash line.

Magnetic lashes last longer than glue-on ones. They can be difficult to remove, which can cause them to lose their shape, curl, and length. Magnetic lashes also require no lash glue. The magnetic adhesive is water resistant, which means you can skip applying mascara. After applying your magnetic lashes, make sure to apply eye shadow primer before applying your other makeup. This will ensure that your makeup stays on your eyes for the entire day.

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