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Easy Makeup Looks for Beginners in easy steps, find out how.

Vadim Vinogradov

One of the best ways to create a professional makeup look is to practice using different looks. You can practice with eye shadow in different shades, including brown, dark, and nude. The best way to apply eye shadow is to start at the outer corner and blend towards the middle. When applying eye shadow, you should blend lighter shades toward the middle and darker ones towards the outside corner. Practicing different looks will help you become more comfortable with your makeup application.

Simple eye makeup

If you're new to eye makeup, there are a few basic techniques that you should master before you begin experimenting with your own look. First, you should use a base, or eyeshadow primer, to make sure that your makeup adheres to your skin. You can use foundation or concealer as an eyeshadow base. Basic eyeshadow looks for beginners should include four basic shades: a shimmery, light highlighter, a matte mid-tone shade, and a matte black. If you're a beginner, you can also use a facial highlighter. You can also use an eyeliner, a brush with a sharp point, or a small, flat brush for a winged line. Two coats of mascara are also necessary to complete the look.

Begin by applying a thin line of black eyeshadow to your upper lashline. Next, use a smudging brush to blend in the eyeshadow and define the outer corner of your wing with a black or bronze eyeshadow. Use a thin liner to draw a wing on your upper eyelid, or apply a blue liner to your lower waterline. Then, use a smudging brush to blend the color and complete the look.

Natural blush

A soft, pink blush is a simple, affordable way to add a youthful glow and dimension to the face. Choose a color that flatters your skin tone and undertones, such as pale pink, apricot, deep rose, or mauve. The same color blush will blend seamlessly over a powder foundation, and you can apply it with a large, fluffy brush for an effortless finish.

For a more fresh, youthful look, use lighter colors and apply them with light pressure with a brush. A little finishing powder and a tinted moisturizer can be added to finish the look. Beginners can opt for a very light blush if they want a fresh, natural look. For nighttime events, add a layer of mascara and a red or pink lipstick. Makeup beginners are often rushed during special events and prefer to hire a makeup artist to create a flawless look.

If you're a beginner or don't have a lot of experience with makeup, natural makeup is a great choice. It looks great and is quick to apply. Makeup remover can help remove old makeup. For extra-clear skin, exfoliate before applying makeup. It's important to know your skin type before purchasing makeup. If you have dry, sensitive, or sensitive skin, it's important to get rid of any dry patches or blackheads first.

Winged eyeliner

If you've never worn eyeliner before, there are some simple tips to getting a great line. Eyeliner can be tricky because the line will skip across your lid. To make a smooth line, start by pulling the skin taut above your eye with your pointer and middle finger. To keep your hand steady, propping your elbow on the counter helps. Then, begin drawing the line with a thin stroke.

Start by applying the liner with one hand and the other hand holds the eyelid taut. Don't pull or tug too hard, as this can distort the final shape of the line and damage the skin. Keep your lashes out of the way. It's also a good idea to have a cotton swab handy, but make sure to do it before the liner dries or it'll be unusable.

Once you've selected a shade of eyeliner, the next step is to apply it. You'll want to apply it in small strokes, connecting the outer corner triangle to the middle of the eye. Then, you can apply the liner to the rest of your lid. You can also use a pencil or a brush to create a winged effect by lining your eyes with a similar color. Finish off the look with mascara.

Natural eyeshadow

If you want to apply makeup yourself but you're intimidated by the complexities of applying eyeshadow, try an easy natural eyeshadow look. You can start with simple neutral colors. Learn the best way to blend shadows, such as using a small brush. Then move on to more complicated techniques such as applying eyeliner or mascara. Follow a beginner eyeshadow guide for more information. If you'd like to look more professional, try eyeshadow tutorials on YouTube.

If you want a more natural eyeshadow look, you can use lighter shades to fill in your entire lid. Use a shorter bristle brush for lighter shades, and darker colors for the outer crease. Always blend to soften harsh lines. To enhance your eyeshadow look, you can add water to a small amount of foundation. You'll have a beautiful natural eyeshadow look in no time! Just remember, blending is the key to looking great!

When using natural eyeshadow, choose neutral shades that will compliment your skin tone. For a more dramatic look, use a brown eyeshadow or tan eyeshadow. If you have light skin, use a lighter shade as your base and use darker shades for the outer corners. Natural eyeshadow looks can look great with or without eyeliner. You can also use angled brushes to smudge dark eyeshadow close to your lash line for a more natural look.

Liquid foundation

If you want a flawless makeup look, liquid foundation is your best bet. Liquid foundation has a natural skin-like texture, so you can use different tools to apply it correctly. To make the process easier, you can also use a sponge or brush, or even your fingers. Make sure to clean your face thoroughly before applying foundation. If you do not want to apply makeup before you have washed it off, use a makeup wipe to remove it.

First, use a primer before applying your liquid foundation. A primer makes the foundation last longer and prevents the skin from becoming dry. A color-correcting primer can also even out skin tone and help the foundation look more natural. Lastly, use moisturizer every morning and before bed. You can also apply liquid foundation to your lips or eyelids to make the color last longer. This way, you'll have flawless skin all day long!

Next, you can use a foundation with a color that matches your chest. If your skin is red, you can lightly sweep a foundation brush over your ears. The foundation is great for highlighting your face and balancing your skin tone. Don't forget the ears! Just remember to keep the rest of your face as natural as possible. By following these tips, you'll be ready to conquer the world of makeup.


Adding a pop of colour to your lips can instantly transform your appearance. Bright pink lipstick looks beautiful when worn with a natural makeup look. Ensure that your lipstick stays put by lining them with a lip liner. Here are a few simple lip makeup looks for beginners. Follow these steps to get your very own sultry lipstick look. Adding a bold lipliner can also change your entire look!

For this look, start with a clean face. Apply lipstick in your desired color. You can also use colored eye pencils to fill in your eyebrows. Use black liquid eyeliner to draw triangles above your brow and under your eyes. Blend the lipliner into your lipstick with a lip brush. To finish the look, apply a winged liner in electric blue. This looks amazing! And as a bonus, this makeup look is very easy to achieve!

If you want to try something different, add sparkles or glitter. These will make your look pop! But make sure to focus on one area. If you're a beginner, you can try using a brighter lipstick, such as orange. A bold lip can make an entire look! Try it out and see how it works for you! Once you have the hang of it, you'll be on your way to a gorgeous and sultry look.

Brow gel

The first step in applying eyebrow gel is to shape your brows. Start with a thin line drawn at the bottom front edge. Fill in bare spots with small strokes. After that, blend the color into your brows in an upward motion. Start by filling in the lightest part of your brow. Once the color is blended in, follow the same steps for applying eyebrow gel. Follow these steps to create a natural-looking, easy-to-maintain look.

Once the eyebrows are filled in, apply a brow gel and a little bit of concealer. Use a brush or a comb to blend the color into your brows. It is recommended to use an eyebrow pencil if you have thin brow hairs or are a beginner. The pencils will give you a more defined brow shape and can add length. You can control the intensity of the brow gel with the brush or comb.

Depending on your personal preference, eyebrow gel can be clear or tinted. If you want more color, use a tinted gel. The tinted gel will add more color and give your brows a more hard look. Afterwards, apply liquid concealer in a shade two tones lighter than your skin tone. Once you're satisfied with the look, you can apply your eye shadow.

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